Tailwind Energy Group's experienced electricians and lighting design professionals provide energy efficient lighting upgrades. Energy efficient lighting systems provide improved illumination, increased safety and security, and lower energy costs. 


Tailwind's L.E.D. Lighting Warranty guarantees a maintenance-free lighting system for 5 years. L.E.D. luminaires enjoy an average Return On Investment of approximately 3 years, leaving 2 years of guaranteed savings (after payback) over the duration of the 5-year guarantee. Contact us for more details and free information on warranties and guarantees. 

Benefits of L.E.D. Lighting

L.E.D. lighting has many benefits over the common but outdated traditional lighting technology, including Fluorescent, Halogen, H.I.D., and Incandescent.

27 Year Lifespan



Energy Efficiency


Instant On



Long-term Output


Quiet Operation


Maintenance Free


Focused Light


Low System Stress

Rated at 100,000 hours of operation, L.E.D. luminaires have an estimated 27-year lifespan, as per LM70 calculations (10 hours per day, 365 days per year).


Reduces lighting energy consumption by upwards of 75%.


Instant illumination without the need to "warm up". Beneficial in the event of a power interruption.


Light output and quality will stay consistent compared to Fluorescent and H.I.D. lighting.


L.E.D. electronic drivers operate silently, eliminating ballast "hum".  


With an estimated 27 year lifespan, L.E.D. systems are virtually maintenance free.


Designed to direct light where required, reducing light pollution and wasted energy.


L.E.D.'s also burns cool compared to existing H.I.D. technology, therefore, creating less stress on facility wiring and electrical components.


Visit Natural Resources Canada to learn more about L.E.D.s

The Process

During our consultation meeting, we are able to recognize and define exact lighting requirements and complete an energy audit of the entire facility. 


With this information, our lighting engineers use their illumination design program to provide a brighter, 70% more efficient, engineered lighting layout for your facility, therefore maximizing safety and energy savings.


Tailwind Energy Group creates and presents a detailed analysis and proposal for a state-of-the-art lighting system, with controls, energy storage and data harvesting options. Luminaire specifications and price quotations for complete project management and installation are detailed in depth; as well, schedules are presented with the proposal.

Products and Controls

Tailwind Energy Group partners with the most reputable and established lighting manufacturers, such as RC, Philips and Cree, all of whom offer a minimum 5 or 10-year manufacturer's warranty.


L.E.D. luminaires from these established companies consist of a simple three-part design: the housing, driver and LED module. With no moving parts, this design allows for maximum longevity with minimal chance for failure.


Lighting control panels, timers and motion sensors are customized as per customer request and facility needs. These advanced technologies provide significant energy savings by minimizing burn time of the luminaires.