Tailwind Foundation is a charitable organization that is dedicated to supporting immigrant families settling in BC, as well as families in need in the Lower Mainland. With the help of our many donors and volunteers that share in our beliefs and passion, Tailwind Foundation has supported over 25 immigrant families throughout 2017.

Most of the immigrant families that we support have just arrived in Canada with basically nothing, very little or poor English Language skills and no family here to support them. Through word of mouth and Email campaigns, we are able to collect donations including furniture, non-perishable food items, clothing, gift cards, household appliances and other basic living necessities from local people and deliver them to these families to make their transition here successful.    

Holiday Season Fundraiser 2017

The goal of our 2017 holiday season fundraiser was to collect enough food gift cards to support our 2017  families and still have enough to donate to the new families we will be delivering furniture to throughout 2018. 


Thanks to your amazing contributions, we were able to donate 35 out of the 50 gift cards we received, 3 bicycles and some kids toys to immigrant and low-income families of the Surrey community. Your willingness to help new immigrant and low-income families in our community makes all the difference for these families. We will be giving the remaining 15 gift cards to new families arriving over the next 6 months, thanks to your support.


Thank you very much for stepping up and being a part of what will become a tremendous holiday tradition!

One for One Lighting Program

For every high efficiency LED luminaire Tailwind installs, an LED lightbulb will be donated to a great cause in our community. We will typically donate 10 LED type A light bulbs to a family which in turn will save them about $120 per year on their energy bill.


Working together with government representatives, power company liaisons and community organizations, Tailwind aims to provide lighting to those who cannot afford upgrades while lowering our collective footprint on the environment.

Our Mission