Tailwind Energy Group's strong focus on environmental values means that when we remove pre-existing lights, we either repurpose or recycle every part from the metal housing, glass lens, ballast, wiring and the bulb; we completely break down the fixture and are able to recycle every last part.


New lights come in packaging which is removed from the site and put in recycling bins to make sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible. You can rest assured that Tailwind has made your installation as efficient, clean and environmentally sustainable as possible.

Tailwind's Sustainability Policy

Tailwind Energy Group’s goal is to become a “net zero” company, where our efforts in reducing energy and pollution will balance with our own outputs and pollution. Thus every quote developed for our clients is centered on environmental considerations which encompass financial, estimating potential savings of energy and costs, as well as carbon dioxide emissions to meet our sustainability targets.


Through holistic policy initiatives, the team at Tailwind Energy Group ensures that environmental sustainability is highly valued by its employees and intrinsic in our day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. This is reflected in our non-profit (Tailwind Foundation) where our many initiatives are ultimately aimed at reducing waste by collecting new, used and unwanted items within the Lower Mainland and donating them to both new and existing immigrant families in Surrey, British Columbia. This is why Tailwind Foundation is a member of Zero Waste Canada, a non-profit organization, dedicated to ending our age of wastefulness through improved industrial design and education for our present generation.