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Energy Storage

Energy storage systems as an independent source of electricity hold immense value for businesses. Also known as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) units, they are able to sustain cost-effective services while insulating operations from unforeseen power interruptions.


  • Stored energy installations ensure a business continues to operate during power outages/surges.

    • Phones, computers and emergency lighting can run off the energy stored while main power is restored.


  • Using stored electricity during peak demand periods minimizes utility charges.

    • Charge the UPS units overnight during non-peak periods.

    • Minimize the amount of electricity drawn at peak demand (machine start-up, heating power-up, specific energy-intensive processes) to minimize the monthly charge.


  • In conjunction with solar panels, energy storage installations can create a closed loop system that is renewable and environmentally sustainable.

    • Solar panels will charge the UPS units during sunlight hours, and when charged the additional electricity will be diverted to facility operations and/or sold back to the utility grid.

    • UPS units can be programmed to charge equipment at night, such as electric forklifts or battery powered tools.